Arna Bajraktarević is the principal creative for Arna Bee Photography. Her studio offers photography, design, film, and writing for the new age. Her goal is aligning past, present and future trends to the expressive needs of individuals and businesses. Based in Santa Barbara, Arna has deep roots in Europe as well as a love for people and places around the world. 

Bajraktarević was born in Bosnia. When her family escaped the war in 92, one of the only things they took with them was her father’s 35mm Pentax. Photography has since played a significant part in her life, patterning her inspiration as an artist. She is a graduate of the esteemed Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where she received her B.A. in Photography. 

Arna pays attention to the details of each day, reflected in the light, color, composition and essence she captures in and for her subjects. Her goal is to tell your story and vision in a way that will be appreciated by many generations to come. Her focus is multifaceted and includes weddings, portraiture, lifestyle, travel, commercial, editorial, advertising, social media and documentary. As important as photography to Arna are drawing and multimedia skills which she uses to enhance her storytelling.

Arna will bring a worldly, critical yet flexible eye to your project with an attention to natural flow that befits her artistic training. Her philosophy starts and ends in the magic of this world with its various patterns of love, aura, color, line, and shape intertwined.