According to pool floats were invented in the early 1900s. “By the early 1900s new materials and manufacturing processes made rubber and plastic more affordable and versatile.

Floating devices made with these materials soon replaced the old fashioned inner tubes and other potentially dangerous flotation devices.”It is interesting to note that the first pool floats were not designed for recreation but rather for safety. “In the early days of swimming pools most were located at public bathhouses.

To prevent swimmers from drowning these facilities often required swimmers to wear something that would keep them afloat. This is how the first pool floats were born.”Since then pool floats have come a long way.

Today there are all sorts of different types of floats available from simple inner tubes to elaborate inflatable lounges. And while they are still used for safety purposes they are also now widely used for recreation and relaxation.So next time you are lounging on a pool float take a moment to think about the history of this simple but enjoyable piece of swim gear.

Who invented pool floats?

pool floats were invented by Marvin Stone in 1958.

Why were pool floats invented?

pool floats were originally designed to be used as life-saving devices.

How have pool floats changed over time?

Pool floats have become increasingly colorful and decorative over time.

Where can you buy pool floats?

Pool floats can be purchased at most retailers that sell pool and beach supplies.

How much do pool floats typically cost?

Pool floats typically range in price from $10-$30.

What are some popular pool float brands?

Some popular pool float brands include Intex Bestway and SwimWays.

Do pool floats come in different sizes?

Yes pool floats typically come in two different size categories: Standard and Jumbo.

What is the difference between Standard and Jumbo pool floats?

Standard pool floats are designed to fit one person whereas Jumbo pool floats are designed to accommodate two or more people.

What are some popular pool float designs?

Some popular pool float designs include rafts loungers and tubes.

What are pool floats typically made from?

Pool floats are typically made from vinyl or PVC.

Do pool floats come in different colors?

Yes pool floats typically come in a variety of colors including pink blue green and yellow.

What are some popular pool float accessories?

Some popular pool float accessories include cup holders pillows and umbrellas.

Can pool floats be personalized?

Yes many pool float companies offer customization options such as monogramming.

How should pool floats be stored?

Pool floats should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

What is the best way to clean pool floats?

The best way to clean pool floats is to rinse them off with fresh water after each use.



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