There are many different types of tequila but one brand that has become increasingly popular over the years is Milagro. But who actually owns Milagro tequila? The answer may surprise you.

Milagro is actually owned by Pernod Ricard which is a French company. Pernod Ricard is one of the largest alcoholic beverage companies in the world. They own a wide variety of brands includingAbsolut vodka Jameson whiskey and Chivas Regal scotch.

Pernod Ricard bought Milagro in 2008 for $205 million. At the time Milagro was a relatively small tequila brand. But Pernod Ricard saw the potential in the brand and has since invested heavily in its growth.

Today Milagro is one of the most popular tequila brands in the world. It is widely available in the United States and Mexico and it has a growing following in other markets as well.Pernod Ricard has been able to grow Milagro into a successful brand due to its strong focus on quality.

Milagro tequila is made from 100% blue agave and is produced in small batches. This attention to detail has helped Milagro stand out from other tequila brands and has resulted in a loyal following of fans.If you are a fan of Milagro tequila then you can thank Pernod Ricard for its existence.

And if you are looking for a high-quality tequila then Milagro is definitely worth trying.

Who owns Milagro Tequila?

The company was founded in 1998 by Daniel Goldman and Melkon Khosrovian.

What is the percentage of alcohol in Milagro Tequila?

tequila is between 35% and 40% alcohol by volume.

Where is Milagro Tequila produced?

Milagro Tequila is produced in Mexico.

How is Milagro Tequila made?

Milagro Tequila is made from 100% blue agave.

What is the difference between Milagro Silver and Milagro Reposado?

Milagro Silver is aged for 2 months while Milagro Reposado is aged for 6 months.

How long is Milagro Anejo aged?

Milagro Anejo is aged for 18 months.

What is the proof of Milagro Silver?

Milagro Silver is 80 proof.

What is in the Milagro Select Barrel Reserve?

The Milagro Select Barrel Reserve is a blend of Milagro Anejo Reposado and Silver.

How many calories are in a shot of Milagro Silver?

A shot of Milagro Silver has 100 calories.

What is the price of Milagro Silver?

Milagro Silver retails for around $40.

Where can I buy Milagro Silver?

Milagro Silver is available for purchase at most liquor stores.

How should I drink Milagro Silver?

Milagro Silver can be enjoyed neat on the rocks or in a cocktail.

What are some cocktails made with Milagro Silver?

Some cocktails made with Milagro Silver include the Paloma Margarita and the Mexican Mule.

Can I cook with Milagro Silver?

Yes Milagro Silver can be used in cooking in place of other types of tequila.

What are some recipes that use Milagro Silver?

Recipes that use Milagro Silver include shrimp tacos chicken enchiladas and pork carnitas.


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